“Adventure is Out There”

In life, we may expose ourselves to things to develop talents or have a better life, but we can’t expect us to change through what we learn. You can’t ignore or forget what makes you who you are, because you will never find another passion that fits you like the one you were born with.

We need to take advantage of those empty days and use them to find who we are and what we love. If we don’t, we will grow old and regret it. There will be no better time to find yourself that is not today, so take advantage and do what you love.

Go outside and look around. If something doesn’t catch your eye then look for a tree. Climb that tree and look out and down that empty neighborhood street. Does something glitter in the gutter, waiting to be discovered? Does a hole in the ground open itself to your eyes where a small critter lays, watching you?

As Russel said, Adventure is out there, even in your backyard. Take what makes you you, and use it to make yourself a more enjoyable, interesting person. If there’s ever a better time to find and develop yourself it’s now. For the sake of your life, don’t waste this time.


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