Plains in my Mind

My head hurts as all the demons Taunt me from their Blossomed and blushing pedestals Shaking their heads and jeering laughter As I try to cover my neon scars While Blinking lights ahead of me grind the teeth Of colossal giants roaming the broken dust And lying down on the ground Their dry heads breaking my muscles as they Groan in the harmony of the wind While Beaten and bloodied tall figures stand among The settling dust Skin white and stretched faces With sunken sad eyes Watching as their brethren fade away into Brown swifts of sadness Marbles


I constantly have this picture

In my mind

Of who I truly want to be

Really deep

Inside cuz I

Don’t want that shirt

Or those khaki-tan pants

I just want the clothes

That fit me best

Of who I am



and maybe that boy inside…

is a little more feminine

then you think But

Who cares

What you think




Do you ever get hit

With the reality of life?

That all of this exists and we put up with it

Not knowing if any of it is real or

Worth it?

I always find it confusing that when I

Slam my hand down and it only

Goes as far as the countertop

Like we’re all trapped in this prison

Of pain

And things we don’t understand

And we think we’re in control

But we’re not

Now that’s spooky


Fall Hence It’s Name

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting drop

A leaf from a tree, dead

Dry and gone

Falling peacefully to the ground along

With a heap of sadness

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting sigh

The last breath of

The bare trees

Stooping in the fog.

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting slip. A time of

Change. A year long


The grip that is hung

From summer has vanished

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting Drop