You are recieving this

letter because we have grown tired

of your behavior

All your jokes about

9/11 and


Did you ever see the

glancing eyes and the

lowered smiles..?

Did you ever hear the

awkward silence as each line

digged into each and

every sensible person’s skin?

Did you ever give a thought to the pain and

suffering that you are

helplessly throwing away

the agony that people went through

the tears shed

and the indescribable torment that you are

mercilessly chuckling at?

so please

its not funny


what i find in u

All the loud

Sounds around me

Are silenced as I

Think of you

The void in my mind

Enveloping me with

Warm memories

Decorated with your smile

And resonated with your laugh

All my mind through

But no flower

Blooming in my mind

Can replicate the petals

That in reality I find

In you


Fall Hence It’s Name

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting drop

A leaf from a tree, dead

Dry and gone

Falling peacefully to the ground along

With a heap of sadness

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting sigh

The last breath of

The bare trees

Stooping in the fog.

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting slip. A time of

Change. A year long


The grip that is hung

From summer has vanished

Fall, hence its name

Is one everlasting Drop

Broken Bits

Sometimes I let myself cry

Instead of holding it in

I let everything fall to the ground

and shatter

to pieces

Sometimes I let those

broken bits cut my heels

nagging me of their presence

Some days I won’t step on them

I pick them up

and press them together

and make something beautiful

and hang it on my bedroom wall



today I will let my heels bleed

and mix with my tears

As I stand on a pile of broken bits